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The UMD Drupal Users Group connects members of the university community who use the Drupal content management system to meet their web-related needs.

We meet at noon on the first Wednesday of each month in 3252 Tawes Hall.

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Drupal Users Group Monthly Meeting Minutes - 09/10/2014

Thank you to everyone who attended the monthly meeting on 9/10/2014! Below is a recap of the meeting minutes:

  1. Valerie from AGNR did an awesome presentation on "Google Analytics"! You may see the power point here: http://drupaluser.umd.edu/node/147.
  2. Starting this year, we are inviting the departments/units on campus to host the User Group on annual basis. ARHU and English will co-host the meetings from September 2014 to August 2015. If your department/unit is interested in hosting next year, please let us know!
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Slideshow for Google Analytics

Here's the Powerpoint presentation on getting started with Google Analytics, that I gave at the last Drupal Users Group meeting.

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Drupal Users Group Monthly Meeting - Tawes Hall 3252

Google Analytics
Wed, Sep 10th 12:00 pm

Location: Tawes Hall 3252
Experience Level: Beginner
Category: site building, a bit of user experience design

It’s time to resume our monthly Drupal Users Group meeting! Our first meeting this semester will be on Wednesday, September 10th at 12PM in Tawes Hall Room 3252. Our speaker is Valerie Hoy from AGNR. She will be presenting “Google Analytics”.

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Drupal Users Group August Meeting

Hear a recap of the Drupal Gov Days, and gear up for future meetings
Wed, Aug 13th 12:00 pm

For our August meeting, we will be deviating from the usual first Wednesday of the month, and we will be meeting on Wednesday, August 14. Same time (12 noon), same place (Symons 0118).

We have lots of exciting topics this month!

A few of us attended Capital Camp / Drupal Gov Days here in the DC area last week, so we’ll be sharing the things we learned at that conference.

Following that, you’ll be getting a sneak peek into the future of the UMD Drupal Users Group! (Hint: We’ll be announcing a new meeting location and some future meeting topics.)

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Drupal User Group Monthly Meeting

We'll be hosting a planning session for Drupalcon Austin
Wed, May 7th 12:00 pm

Drupalcon Austin is one month away! For those of you that are not aware, Drupalcon is an annual conference hosted by the non-profit Drupal Association. It’s a great chance to learn more about new features and trends relating to Drupal and web development in general. There are a lot of higher education people from across the country that attend, which gives us a unique opportunity to see how other universities are using Drupal. Regular ticket pricing is in effect until tomorrow, May 2.

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Are you ready for DrupalCon?

This year, DrupalCon will be held in Austin on June 2-6.

Early-bird registration ends this Friday, so if you plan to attend, register now!

Our next Drupal Users Group meeting will be a DrupalCon planning meeting on May 7 (because we had no new topics to discuss, we won't be meeting this month).

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Drupal Users Group planning meeting and discussion

Suggest topics for future meetings and discuss your Drupal questions.
Wed, Mar 5th 12:00 pm

Be sure to mark your calendars for the Drupal Users Group meeting next Wednesday, March 5, as this is the meeting to get your voice heard!

We’ll be brainstorming topics for our upcoming meetings and we need your ideas. What topics interest you? What would you like to learn about with the group? Do you have any experiences or expertise you’d be willing to share? Bring your ideas to the meeting, or if you want, add them any time to the Future Meeting Ideas discussion thread on the DUG website.

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Drupal User Group Monthly Meeting

Thinking about updating your Drupal site in the near future? The Migrate module might help. Hear Brock Fanning, ARHU, walk-through how to use it.
Wed, Feb 5th 12:00 pm

Brock Fanning, ARHU Drupal developer, will lead a discussion and walk-through of the Migrate module for Drupal 7. Topics will include:
- how to import content from any source
- how to use Migrate to upgrade your Drupal 6 site
- how to use Migrate to import feeds
- Drupal 8: Migrate in core

This session will include demonstrations of writing object-oriented PHP code, and using Drush to control the migrations. It will also include less technical discussion of what is possible with Migrate, and when/why you should use it.

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Drupal User Group Monthly Meeting

Check our the new University of Maryland web wrap. Provide input to the designers on a Drupal theme.
Wed, Jan 8th 12:00 pm

Carl Brice, the Director of Web Services at LMD Agency, will be coming to our next Drupal Users Group meeting to discuss the design and implementation options for the theme. Provide input now and make your job easier when you decide to update your theme to the new look. So come next Wednesday to catch a sneak preview of the University of Maryland’s web wrapper.

Our next meeting is Wednesday January 8th at 12pm in Symons Hall Room 0118.

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Drupal User Group Monthly Meeting

Have questions about personal/professional websites for your faculty? Well you should attend this meeting
Wed, Dec 4th 12:00 pm

We’re having our monthly Drupal Users Group Meeting at Symons Hall 0118 on Wednesday, December 4 at 12:00pm. Come hear Michael Mazzotta of the Robert H. Smith School of Business discuss OpenScholar. OpenScholar is an open source web site building and content management tool intended for faculty and other academic scholars. It enables the creation and management of multiple web sites upon a single Drupal installation.

Have questions about personal/professional websites for your faculty? Well you should attend this meeting.