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Need help with Sticky Navigation Issue for


When a user visits and scrolls down on the homepage, the red UMD band at the top seems to get stuck for a while and it is only after scrolling more and more that a user is able to scroll down finally. Please go to the website and scroll down on the home page and you wil understand the issues. Sometimes it does not happen, but mostly it does (like 90% of the times)

I looked at it and wondered if this could have got to do something with the UMD band not being able to interact properly with the sticky navigation but I am not certain. Has anyone of you faced a similar issue while working on any of the other UMD websites ?

I also checked some other UMD websites built using Drupal. Every site has the top UMD band but none of the sites had a sticky navigation (the menu at the top remains there even when a user scrolls down) and that was another reason for me to believe that it is the interaction between the UMD bad and the sticky navigation that could be causing this issue.

Would very much sincerely appreciate any help in this regard!

P.S. Have also attached a screenshot of the top UMD band and the top menu on the website where the issue occurs.





Sticky Header JS Conflict

Hello Shivam,

I looked at the website and saw the issue you are talking about. The issue is that the theme navigation is set to sticky and competing to the same position with the um header. This is being triggered by a javascript onscroll function on both the UMD Header and your theme js file I think the best remedy for the issue is to disable the sticky header for the Porto theme or submitting a help request from the theme developers to help you resolve the conflict if you must have the sticky navigation on your theme.

Hope this helps and good luck,

Michael Kamuiru


(301) 405 6164

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