DUG - Twig PHP Template Engine (Reminder)

Drupal Users Meeting - Drupal 8 Media Integration

Hello All,
Kindly join us on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 at 12 noon in 2115 Tawes Hall for a discussion on Twig PHP templating engine by Jorge Trasmonte with University Relations Business Applications. This 40min presentation will focus on the following topics: 
  • Twig in GPS (Gift Processing System)
  • Templates and partials
  • Custom filters and functions
Business Applications is a unit inside University Relations that provides data analysis and reporting, business process redesign, technology training and web application services for the University Relations and the larger Maryland community. The web unit is charged with managing over a dozen web applications for the university like the giving portal for the University of Maryland (giving.umd.edu) and Gift Processing System.  
The Gift Processing System (GPS) is a custom web-based application which goal is to facilitate the data entry and processing of gifts and donations accepted by different schools and departments across campus and processed by the gift acceptance department. The system aims at improving speed, accuracy, transparency and usability. The project involved converting a bunch of outdated processes, many of which were paper based. The application itself was built on the WAMP stack and was built from scratch following a MVC pattern where we separated the presentation from the backend. The backend makes use of custom classes and API's, and Twig to render the templates in the front-end. Most parts of the application behave asynchronously and make heavy use of JavaScript, AJAX, and API to submit, receive, and display data.
We will follow up with a 10min presentation of the Homecoming website homecoming.umd.edu and a 10min Q/A session.
Please use this link to RSVP for the event.
Thank you very much,
Michael Kamuiru